The Nuncio System was a star system with two inhabitable planets in the Talbott Quadrant of the Star Empire of Manticore.

Star Geography Edit

The G0/K2 binary system had two Earth-like planets, thoroughly suitable for human occupation with little development. Basilica, the habitable world of the G0 primary component, and Pontifex, a much colder, dryer world, six light-minutes from its cool primary and with far more extreme seasonal changes. (SI1)

History Edit

The human colonists settling in the Nuncio System in the 14th Century PD originally landed on Basilica, the more habitable of the two planets. They were very religious people, and the first colony expedition into what later became known as the Talbott Cluster.

Unfortunately, they were unable to afford as much modern technology as most other colonizing expeditions, and what they'd managed to bring with them had not been up to making the genetic modifications required for a successful colonization. When their crops failed and 65 percent of their food animals died within the first generation, the colonists transfered about half of their surviving population and what remained of their resources to Pontifex, a much colder, dryer world, but without the subtle genetic traps of Basilica.

None of the people left behind on Basilica survived, and over half of those who managed to transfer died during the first winter on Pontifex. All in all, less than 16 percent of the original expedition survived, having regressed to an early steam-powered level and staying there for generations. After their ancestors' failure, the Nuncians abandoned their religous ways, to the point that most modern Nuncians referred to the original colonists as 'The Founding Idiots'.

The Nuncians were finally "re-discovered" by the rest of humanity in the 18th Century PD.[1]

By 1920 PD, Nuncio was a poverty-stricken star system, even for the Verge: the planetary population was barely 350 million, and its technological capabilities and educational system were far inferior even to what Grayson had attained before joining the Manticoran Alliance. (SI1)

In 1921 PD, Nuncio became part of the Talbott Quadrant of the Star Empire of Manticore, and all its inhabitants became Manticoran citizens. (SI2)

Armed forces Edit

The military incuded the Nuncio Space Force and the Nuncio Army. (SI1)

See: Battle of Nuncio – August 25, 1920 PD

References Edit

  1. By 1920 PD, they had been re-discovered for about 200 years. (SI1)