The Nuncio Space Force was the armed force of the Nuncio System in the Talbott Cluster.

Strength Edit

By 1920 PD, the NSF consisted of eleven light attack craft with a combined mass of about 160 000 tons[1]:

  • The biggest unit massed 18 000 tons.
  • One of the bigger vessels, NNS Wolverine, massed 15 000 tons.
  • NNS Grizzly

After the Battle of Nuncio, Captain Aivars Terekhov left the heavily damaged Mars-class heavy cruiser PNS Anhur at Nuncio with a destroyed after impeller ring. (SI1)

Prospective development Edit

As of 1921 PD, its senior officer was Commodore Emil Karlberg. Following the annexation of Talbott and the Nuncio System, the NSF was awaiting its incorporation into the Royal Manticoran Navy. (SI2)

  • Manpower shortages:
    • confirmed ca. 300 naval crew[2]
    • confirmed presence of two companies of the Nuncio Army, space qualified for boarding actions and vacuum work
  • conversion of the damaged cruiser into provisional space fort or Q-ship

References Edit

  1. One third of HMS Hexapuma's mass according to Commodore Karlberg; however, he probably did not possess exact information about her.
  2. According to Manticoran and Havenite LAC specifications as of 1905 PD. (JIR)

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