Noah Bedlam was a Grayson citizen, the illegitiamate son of Jezzy Bedlam, and a cousin of Claire Bedlam Lecroix.

He became the head of the Bedlam family while still a minor after the death of his uncle-by-marriage, Claire's father. He had a series of subsitute father figures, most of whom were malign influences. After one showed him how to access the family accounts, he used his position to drain what little money the family had for his personal pleasure, when he was not paying off legal fines. He approved of Lucy and Mary Bedlam working at the Birdies Club in the Blackbird Yard, in order to generate more funds. After the destruction of the Yard, in a fit of guilt brought on by his most recent father figure, a lay minister turned deacon, he revoked Claire's work permit, causing a chain of events which, ironically, ended up making Claire his legal guardian. (HHA6.5: OS)

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