New Tuscany
Home Planet New Tuscany
Capital Livorno
Head of State System President
Head of Government Prime Minister
Senior Military Commander Minister of War
Military New Tuscany Navy

The New Tuscany System was a G3 star system in the Talbott Cluster. It had one habitable planet, also called New Tuscany.

It was about 360 light-years from the Meyers System. (SI2)

History Edit

Ruled by a group of oligarchs who supported a constitution which "preserved" the Cluster's traditional power structures, New Tuscany was the only Cluster system which was not joined into the Star Empire of Manticore's Talbott Quadrant. (SI2)

In May/June 1920 PD, the Solarian freighter Emerald Dawn was captured by pirates in New Tuscany. (SI1)

Following the formation of the Talbott Quadrant, New Tuscany complained that its merchants were being hampered by the Star Empire of Manticore's internal free trade and tax credits to the Quadrant members. (SI2)

Government Edit

Officially, New Tuscany was a republic with a System President as head of state and a prime minister as the actual head of government. (SI2)

Military Edit

The primary military force of New Tuscany was the New Tuscany Navy, a minor force, yet it had a decent technological level for a Verge navy. (SI2)

References Edit

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