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The neural disruptor was a type of weapon developed by Mesa on the basis of the neural whip.

It destroyed the neural pathways in the affected area of the target's body on a cellular level, turning the tissue into a jelly-like mass and leaving little to repair with traditional means. Additionally, the weapon often inflicted serious brain damage, or simply crashed the autonomous nervous system entirely.

As of the 19th Century PD, the usual treatment for disruptor-damaged limbs was amputation and regeneration, with few alternatives such as nerve transplants or complete artifical nerve networks.

Alfred Harrington saw the damage neural disruptor could cause on a mission to Clematis, and decided to go to medical school on Beowulf in order to search for ways to repair disruptor-affected tissue. Doctor Penelope Mwo-chi took him in as her personal student so they could work on the project together. (HHA6.3: BATB)

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