Neue-Stil Handgemenge (German for "New-Style Hand-to-Hand Melee"[1]) was a martial-arts style developed on Potsdam sometime around 1700 PD. It was derived from Judo. (SI1)

It was not widely practiced in the Star Kingdom of Manticore.

Sensei Robert Tye was one of the top three practitioners of Neue-Stil on Earth. Tye considered Coup de vitesse "barbaric" compared to Neue-Stil. Helen Zilwicki studied Neue-Stil under his tutelage, and earned a brown belt.[2] (HHA3.3: FtH, HH10)

References Edit

  1. In today's German it should be "Neuer-Stil-Handgemenge" or "Neuer Handgemengestil".
  2. The youngest person ever to earn a brown belt under Master Tye.