The Native Protection Agency, or NPA, was Manticoran law enforcement agency on Medusa - resposible for protection of the Medusans. The Agency was subordinated to the Resident Commissioner for Planetary Affairs. (HH1)

Duties Edit

NPA was the main police organization on Medusa, in fact, responsible for internal security there. Before 1900 PD, instead of the Royal Manticoran Navy, the Agency provided flight control around the planet, as well as customs service.

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Operations Edit

In 1900 PD, the NPA was able to free up more manpower, once the inspection teams from the HMS Fearless were able to come down to Medusa, and started to patrol the Outback region.

Mekoha lab Edit

The NPA tried to raid a drug lab in the Mossyback region. The lab self-destruct system was activated and the strike team was decimated. [1]

Native uprising Edit

The NPA provided:

  • basic protection for settlments and enclaves in Delta
  • air reconnaissance (a recon skimmer with its crew was lost)
  • support during the land battle in the Mossyback region

Organization Edit

Senior officer of the Agency and his two deputies commanded a five-company field strength force, not including essential detachments.

Equipment Edit

  • two boarding shuttles - on official equipment list
  • three fleet pinnaces - since 1899 PD, unofficial acquisition
  • armed skimmers

Personnel Edit

Mostly made up of ex-Royal Manticoran Army and ex-Royal Manticoran Marine Corps and ex-police personnel, the NPA's rank structure was similar to that of the Marines.

Commissioned officers Edit

Enlisted Edit

References Edit

  1. 55 dead, 6 six wounded, including 2 critically. Their 6 skimmers were also lost in the detonation. Matt Howard of the perimeter team was killed as well.