Lord Nathan Fitzclarence, Steadholder Burdette, was a citizen of Grayson and conservative steadholder.

He came to power after the disgraceful death of his cousin, William Fitzclarence, in a duel against fellow Steadholder Honor Harrington in 1907 PD. As an "informal peace offering" to Protector Benjamin IX, he sent three young women from his steading to the Royal Manticoran Naval Academy on Saganami Island. In truth, he never expected them to actually graduate.

After a conversation between the only one of these three to actually end up serving in the Navy, Claire Bedlam Lecroix, and Fitzclarence's wives and mother, the Steadholder reluctantly granted Lecroix legal independence from, and guardianship over, her eldest male relative, her cousin Noah. (HHA6.5: OS)

References Edit

Preceded by
William Fitzclarence
Steadholder Burdette
(1907 PD – )
Succeeded by

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