The Mueller Steadholder's Guard was a police force of Mueller Steading, particularly responsible for the protection of the ruling Steadholder Mueller and his family.

Legal status Edit

According to the Grayson Constitution, any steadholder was permitted to directly command a force of up to fifty armsmen. On the other hand, each steadholder was obliged to be accompanied by an absolute minimum of two armsmen at all time. (HH9, HH10)

Uniforms Edit

Mueller Steadholder's Guard uniforms were yellow and red. (HH5)

History Edit

In 1907 PD, Steadholder Mueller conspired with Steadholder Burdette as part of their opposition to Steadholder Harrington and the Mayhew Restoration. After Burdette’s failed assassination of Harrington, Mueller became concerned that he would be implicated and ordered some of his armsmen to enter Burdette Steading and prepare for a cover up. Following Burdette’s death, the Mueller armsmen killed at least twenty-six of the thirty people involved in the collapse of the Winston Mueller Middle School, including the two who could have testified against Mueller. (HH5)

Around 1910 PD, the Mueller Guard was infiltrated by the Office of Planetary Security, which planted Steve Hughes as a deep cover agent; he was to investigate the illegal activities Samuel Mueller was believed to be involved with.

Five years later, just prior to the execution of an assassination attempt on Queen Elizabeth of Manticore and Protector Benjamin IX, Sergeant Hughes was murdered by Masadan agents. His "fellow" armsmen were shocked by his death, but took a grim pride in the fact that he'd managed to kill three of his assailants. However, Steadholder Mueller soon learned the truth from the Masadans. (HH9)

Known personnel Edit

References Edit

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