Molly DeLaney was a Havenite citizen and an officer of the Republic of Haven Navy.

Holding the rank of Captain, she served as Admiral Lester Tourville's chief of staff for the Second Fleet. After the Admiral had to surrender his remaining forces in the Battle of Manticore, DeLaney became a prisoner of war along with all other Havenite survivors. (HH11)

In 1922 PD, after the formation of the Grand Alliance and Tourville's and Second Fleet's release from prisoner status, she returned to her post under Tourville, serving as chief of staff to the Havenite component of Grand Fleet.

Though she found it difficult to work with Manticorans, having lost many friends and family in the Havenite-Manticoran wars, she held no grudges, respecting them as honorable opponents turned allies. The true target of her fury was the Mesan Alignment, which had manipulated the two nations into war. (HH13)

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