The Mobius System was a star system in the Verge of the Solarian League.

Its capital was the city of Landing on the planet Mobius Beta.

Offically an independent star nation in the 1920s PD, Mobius' government was in fact largely in the pocket of the Solarian Office of Frontier Security and the Trifecta Corporation. President Svein Lombroso ruled with an iron fist for decades, using his Secret Police and the infamous Presidential Guard to subdue any resistance to his administration.

However, by 1922 PD, a new resistance group, the Mobius Liberation Front, began to successfully attack many government assets, even managing to kill the senior Trifecta representative in the system. Lombroso obtained the assistance of Solarian Gendarmerie intervention battalions under Brigadier Francisca Yucel to put down the uprising, but a Royal Manticoran Navy detachment under Commodore Aivars Terekhov intervened, killing Yucel, defeating the Gendarmerie and causing or enabling Lombroso's overthrow. (HH14)

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