The Mobius Liberation Front, or MLF, was a political and para-military resistance movement on the planet Mobius Beta, opposing the regime of President Svein Lombroso.

Founded by Michael Breitbach, it had a compartmentalized organization, as well as a ruthless policy where traitors to the cause were concerned.

They had some success fighting off the ruthless Mobius Presidential Guard, thanks in part to weapons they got from Damien Harahap, who they believed to work for the Star Empire of Manticore. This was not the case, but when the MLF contacted Manticore directly with a plea for help, the Star Empire decided to provide it nonetheless. Commodore Aivars Terekhov led a small task force to the Mobius System, forced the Solarian ships helping Lombroso to be scuttled, and took out Brigadier General Francisca Yucel's headquarters with a kinetic strike from orbit. (HH14)

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