Mission of Honor consists of a total of 43 chapters.

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Chapter One Edit

Innokentiy Kolokoltsov, Permanent Senior Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs of the Solarian League, receives the official message from the Star Empire of Manticore concerning the Solarian League Navy's devastating defeat in the Second Battle of New Tuscany.

He calls the ruling bureaucrats of the League together and tells them that Admiral Josef Byng is dead and the surviving units of his task force have surrendered to the Royal Manticoran Navy, which did not lose andy ships at all. Everyone is shocked that for the first time, a Solarian flag officer has surrendered to an enemy.

Chapter Two Edit

Fleet Admiral Winston Kingsford, commanding officer of the Solarian League Navy's Battle Fleet, meets with Fleet Admiral Rajampet Rajani, the League's Chief of Naval Operations. They begin to make plans for a major attack on Manticore, but during the discussion Kingsford begins to suspect that Rajampet has ulterior motives.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth III of Manticore has a private meeting with Admiral Honor Harrington, who is preparing to take Eighth Fleet out for an important mission once the Christmas season is over.

Shortly after, Honor meets with Admiral Lester Tourville, the senior Havenite prisoner of war in Manticoran custody. They discuss their respective tactics in the Battle of Manticore, and then Honor asks Tourville to give her some information on Havenite President Eloise Pritchart's character. The Admiral agrees to cooperate, as long as he is not forced to give away confidential information.

Chapter Three Edit

Chapter Four Edit

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Chapter Seventeen Edit

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Chapter Twenty Edit

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Chapter Thirty Edit

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Chapter Fourty Edit

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Chapter Fourty-Three Edit

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