Miranda LaFollet
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Miranda Gloria LaFollet
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Miranda Gloria LaFollet was a Grayson citizen of Harrington Steading and the personal maid of Steadholder Honor Harrington.

She had gray eyes.

Family Edit

Miranda was the sister of Andrew and Micah LaFollet, a cousin of Jennifer LaFollet, and a niece of Susan Thorn. Another brother died in 1903 PD during the attempted assassination of Protector Benjamin IX. (HH5, HH9, HH11)

Biography Edit

When Lady Harrington went into political exile following her duel against Pavel Young, Miranda was appointed her personal maid. She served as somewhat of a companion, cultural guide and advisor to Harrington. (HH5)

Shortly after a small group of treecats migrated to Grayson with Nimitz and Samantha, she was adopted by one of them, Farragut. (HH7)

After Steadholder Harrington's execution was announced by the the People's Republic of Haven, it was learned that her will had left Miranda twenty million dollars. (HH8)

Miranda, Farragut, and her brother Andrew were among the people who died on Sphinx in the debris fall from the the destruction of HMSS Vulcan during Operation Oyster Bay. (HH12)

Character Edit

She was among the people whose love Honor Harrington could feel through her link to Nimitz. (HH10)

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