The Minette System was a star system in the influence sphere of the Star Kingdom of Manticore. (HH3)

Star geography Edit

Minette was located to the galactic east of the Manticore System, and had one habitable planet named Everest. (HH5)

History Edit

In 1906 PD, the system was a member of the Manticoran Alliance, guarded by the Royal Manticoran Navy's Task Force Minette-01 under the command of Vice Admiral Ludwig Stanton.

The system was captured by a People's Navy force under Vice Admiral Esther McQueen as part of Operation Stalking Horse, but was later retaken by the RMN in the Second Battle of Minette. (HH5, HH7)

Government Edit

In 1907 PD, Premier Jones was a senior member of the government. (HH5)

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