The Midshipman cruise, also known as the 'snotty cruise', was a midshipman's first mission after completing the academic part of his officer training.

As midshipmen, the former cadets were already officers, but their abilities were traditionally put to the test under real conditions in order to find out how good they really were. If a midshipman failed on the snotty cruise, there was little chance for him or her to ever be given an active commission. (SI1)

Ship's captains formally endorsed a "pass" grade on the cruise by completing a Form S-One-Sixty. Completing the cruise qualified a candidate for permanent promotion to Ensign, which the ship's captain had the authority to grant. (HHA3.1: MMH)

While all Manticoran and Grayson midshipmen and midshipwomen are required to deploy on a cruise, a few have been specifically followed in the books. They are: