Michael Mayhew
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Michael Mayhew
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Michael Mayhew was a Grayson citizen and a member of the Mayhew Clan. He was heir to the Protectorship until the birth of his nephew Bernard Raoul.

Family Edit

Michael was the younger brother of Benjamin IX, who was twelve years his senior, and a member of the Mayhew Clan. Oliver Mayhew was his uncle, Jared Mayhew his cousin, and Bernard Raoul Mayhew his nephew. (HH2, HH11)

Biography Edit

Michael was born on Grayson in 1882 PD. He graduated from Anderman University in the Andermani Empire with a bachelor's degree. He hoped to attend a university on Manticore, and was interested in all kinds of naval matters to the point of being considered Navy-mad. In 1903 PD, Bernard Yanakov gave reading material about the Royal Manticoran Navy's Star Knight-class to Michael, who attended a dinner at the Protector's Palace for Captain Honor Harrington.

Mayhew had high regards for Admiral Raoul Courvosier and the crew of HMS Madrigal. He recommended that Commodore Matthews should replace Admiral Leon Garret.

During the Maccabean assassination attempt on the Protector's life, Michael, who was one of the targets, grabbed his sisters-in-law and pushed them under the table to protect them from gunfire. He survived unharmed.

Unlike his brother, Michael was young enough when Grayson allied with Manticore to be one of the first Graysons to receive the Prolong Treatment. (HH2)

After the Treaty of Alliance with the Star Kingdom of Manticore was concluded, he went to a Manticoran university to study. As heir to the Protectorship, he was consulted about the impending military action against the People's Republic of Haven. (HH3)

When his nephew Bernard Mayhew was born, he replaced Michael as heir apparent to the Sword. (HH11)

References Edit

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