Micah LaFollet
Male military Haven
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Micah LaFollet
Male   Male
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Micah LaFollet was Grayson citizen and a member of the Grayson Army.

Physical appearance Edit

He was 193 centimeters tall, and auburn-haired. (HH11, HH13)

Biography Edit

He was the youngest brother of Andrew and Miranda LaFollet, and a cousin of Jennifer LaFollet. He was a third generation prolong recipient and was extremely tall for a Grayson, even taller than Honor Harrington (for whom he had what his sister called a "pronounced case of hero worship").

He was undergoing the final stages of armsman training for the Harrington Steadholder's Guard in 1920 PD. (HH11)

After Jeremiah Tennard's death during the Yawata Strike, LaFollet completed his training and was assigned as the new personal armsman of Faith Harrington, the Steadholder's younger sister. (HH13)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Corporal

Posts Edit

  • Personal Armsman to Faith Harrington

References Edit

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