The Mfecane System was a binary star system in the Solarian League with two settled planets, Ndebele and Zulu, which were collectively referred to as the Mfecane worlds.

Both were high-gravity worlds which were colonized in the Second Great Bantu Migration. The settlers purposefully selected planets with a high gravity because they believed it would improve the pure original human stock as they defined it. Ironically, given the racial motive that spurred the original colonists to move to these planets, both planets – especially Ndebele – did not receive much sunlight, which selected for albinism.[1]

They did succeed in producing a genetic variant that was at the edge of human physical performance, but at a price: the colonists on both worlds suffered not only from a high child mortality rate but also a high mortality rate in general and a lack of resources common to most high-gravity planets.

These problems meant the Mfecane worlds[2] were unable to resist when the League's Office of Frontier Security moved in and turned them into protectorates. (CS1)

References Edit

  1. The authors likely mean leucism, a related condition caused by a reduction in all types of pigment, not just melanin.
  2. The name, meaning "the crushing" or "the scattering", likely refers to the period of widespread chaos of the same name in southern Africa between 1815 CE and 1840 CE.

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