The Meyers System was a G0 star system in and the administrative center of the Madras Sector of the Solarian League.

Star geography Edit

Its celestial bodies included the inhabited planets of Meyers and Socrates, as well as the Truman asteroid belt and the gas giant Damien with its moons. (HH14)

It was about 50 light-years from the McIntosh System, about 60 light-years from the Monica System, and about 360 light-years from the New Tuscany System, (SI1, SI2)

Inhabitants Edit

As of 1922 PD:

  • Meyers - 3.6 billion
  • Socrates - 32,000
  • Truman Belt - 843,000
  • Moons of Damien - 2,000 (HH13)

History Edit

The Meyers System was originally controlled by a star nation known as the Kingdom of Meyers. However, the Solarian League Office of Frontier Security eventually moved in to etablish a protectorate. The royal House of Thomas was stripped of all real power, although they remained officially in charge. Meyers became the center of government for the Madras Sector.

For many years, Meyers was effectively plundered by two Solarian business conglomerates, Newman & Sons and Brindle Star, Ltd.. However, in mid-1922 PD, the Star Empire of Manticore took the system in a preemptive strike to neutralize the Madras Sector as a strategic threat to its own Talbott Quadrant. King Lawrence IX was allowed to reclaim sovereignty and form a government. The restored Kingdom of Meyers chose to ally itself with Manticore. (HH14)

References Edit

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