Meyerdahl was a planet in the Solarian League, the inhabited world of the Meyerdahl System.

It was colonized around 500 PD, and the Meyerdahl First Wave genetic manipulation was designed to adjust the settlers to the new environment. (SK1, HH9)

By the beginning of the 16th Century PD, it was an extremely domesticated planet with all predators dangerous to humans having been banished to isolated tracts of wilderness which were overseen by the Meyerdahl Forestry Service. Meyerdahl was also the planet from where the Harrington Clan originated: Stephanie Harrington was born and lived in the city of Hollister until she was nine T-years old. (HHA1.1: ABF)

Its population was about six billion when the Harringtons left for Sphinx. (SK1)

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