The missile technology developed by Mesa and the secretive Mesan Alignment was more advanced than the Solarian League standard, and in the end was supposed to dominate even that of the Manticoran Alliance.

Multi-drive missilesEdit

The Cataphract was an attempt by the Alignment to duplicate the multi-drive missiles in use by the Star Empire of Manticore and Republic of Haven, based on Solarian shipkillers with an additional anti-missile drive added to the final stage. (CS2)

Special attack munitionsEdit

The graser torpedo was an advanced projectile weapon developed by the Mesan Alignment Navy, using its own variant of the spider drive. It was a large and cumbersome weapon, with the same trilateral symmetry as the Shark-class pod-laying strike ships which were used to launch it, as well as advanced electronics for covert coordination. (CS2, HH12)


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