The title of this article is a conjecture. Though the topic is found within the Honorverse, no official name is given.

The Mesan-Manticoran War was an armed conflict fought between the Mesan Alignment, its proxy states, and the Manticoran Alliance, led by the Star Empire of Manticore, in the early 1920s PD.


The war that would eventually bring a tentative end to the active hostilities of the Manticoran-Havenite Wars and result in a military alliance between the Star Empire of Manticore and its long-time enemy, the Republic of Haven, had its roots in a time more than six hundred years before it started. Its foundation was laid when in the 15th Century PD, Beowulf citizen Leonard Detweiler, along with a group of renegade Beowulfans, rejected the restrictions on the genetic engineering of human beings and relocated his company, the Detweiler Consortium, to the planet Mesa through the Visigoth Wormhole Junction, rechristening the company Manpower Incorporated. (SI2)

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