The Mental Hygiene Police (MHP) was a law enforcement agency in the People's Republic of Haven under the auspice of the Bureau of Mental Hygiene, charged with finding and arresting people who dealt in knowledge and material that was deemed illegal, such as the history of Haven in the pre-People's Republic era.

Of all the Legislaturist internal security forces, they had by far the worst reputation. The only known head of the Mental Hygiene Police was Duncan Jessup, who was also the head of Public Information. Though the manner of his death was unverified, it was reasonable to assume that an official of his importance would be in the People's Palace celebrating Hereditary President Harris' birthday when it was destroyed by assault shuttles acting at the direction of Rob S. Pierre.

After his death and the fall of the Legislaturists, the MHP, along with every other Legislaturist security force, was absorbed in Oscar Saint-Just's Office of State Security.

The Mental Hygiene Police would be horrified by the Social Dysfunction Indicators that Alfredo Yu was exhibiting. (HH2)

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