The Mendoza System was a star system in the space of the Manticoran Alliance.

In 1904 PD, the system, as well as its neighbor Chelsea, was a Havenite frontier base, where warships of the Zanzibar Liberation Front Navy were allowed to base.[1]

During Manticoran counteroffensive of 1905 PD, the Battle of Mendoza occured and the system was captured by RMN forces under the command of Admiral White Haven.[2] That was probably why the Mendoza System was marked as Manticoran Alliance territory on a strategic map. (HH3, HH4)

References Edit

  1. Manticoran intelligence was virtually certain the PRH was doing more than merely providing sanctuary in ports like Mendoza and Chelsea for the terrorists' decrepit "navy" (HH3)
  2. Probably Task Force 4; events mentioned in HH4, occured after Third Battle of Yeltsin's Star