Mendelssohn Class 02
Name: Mendelssohn class
Type: Battlecruiser
Affiliation: ImperialAndermaniNavySign Imperial Andermani Navy
Date Introduced: 1843 PD
Succeeded By: Thor class
Mass: 896,250 tons
Acceleration: 488,1 G maximum
Crew: 2,267
– 2,067 Navy
– 200 Marines
Armament: 62 missile launchers
36 lasers
28 grasers
32 counter missile launchers
34 laser clusters

The Mendelssohn class[1] was a class of battlecruisers built and used by the Imperial Andermani Navy.

Class design Edit

Ships of this class were used, among other things, to patrol the Silesian Confederacy. (HHA4.2: WOS)

Known vessels Edit

References Edit

  1. The class was likely named for Felix Mendelssohn, a 19th Century CE German composer.

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