Medusan taking Mekoha

Medusan taking Mekoha

Mekoha was a drug extracted from local vegatation on the planet Medusa in the Basilisk System. It was a complex and potent alkaloid analogue to something like a human endorphin, but had neurologically degenerative effects on natives who used it.


Mekoha varied somewhat in terms of potency, purity, and other such traits depending on where and how it was made. The Delta Mekoha and the Mossyback Mekoha were different, but made using substantially the same process. Medusans' practical chemical/alchemical skills were more than sufficient to make a high quality drug, but cost and some attempt to control production resulted in some variability of mekoha produced by the natives.

Mekoha processing began with as a paste that was further processed. A new, more powerful, type of mekoha was illegally introduced by humans from off-world. (HH1)

History Edit

The increased use of the drug had been a concern for Resident Commissioner Estelle Matsuko even before analysis showed the existence of the newer higher purity and much higher potency variant of mekoha. Mekoha trade was officially outlawed in the Delta region city-states, but mekoha traders still got by because of the city-states' unwillingness to enforce the prohibition.

A drug lab was discovered by RMN Fearless' crew in the Mossyback region, and was approached by an NPA team. The lab was destroyed by explosiuon killing many of the NPA personnel. The Medusans at the lab were armed with flintlocks and both downed and then attacked an NPA flyer, killing all aboard. The lab had been built by the People's Republic of Haven as part of Operation Odysseus. (HH1)

References Edit

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