The Maya Sector Detachment or Maya Sector Defense Force was a local unit of the Solarian League Navy's Frontier Fleet. It behaved in many ways as a rogue unit under Governor Oravil Barregos, conducting operations contrary to the interests of the greater Solarian League and without the foreknowledge of superior officers in Frontier Fleet. (SI4)

Chain of command Edit

The next persons in charge were commanding officers of Destroyer Squadron 3029 and Destroyer Flotilla 2960.

Organization Edit

Naval platforms Edit


Naval units Edit

In 1918 PD, a flotilla of eighteen War Harvest-class destroyers with a light cruiser flagship was dispatched to Erewhon, ostensibly to 'show the flag', but in fact to undertake negotiations regarding use of Erewhon shipyards for Maya Sector warship construction, as well as some clandestine black operations. (CS1)

By 1921 PD, the detachment had been enlarged by new construction of Maya designed ships built in Erewhon yards. They included cruisers, destroyers and arsenal ships, all rather more capable than Solarian League ships of those classes. So, immediately prior to the Battle of Torch the Detachment's order of battle was:

LCR 7036 was supported by three arsenal ships and DF 2960 - three elderly Morrigan-class light cruisers as divison flagships.

In February 1921 PD Maya contracted Carlucci Industrial Group of Erewhon was ready to start laying down their first locally designed SD(P)s. At least first half dozen of that vessels belonged to the Maya Sector authorities.

Ground units Edit

  • Second Batallion of 887th Solarian Marines Regiment - Lieutenant Colonel Kao Huang commanding
  • "Amazons" special unit (temporary presence) - Lieutenant Thandi Palane, SLMC, commanding

Staff Edit

It seems Captain Rozsak didn't use full staff.[4] He was supported by:

First Lieutenant (later Major) Thandi Palane, Marine officer responsible for special operations, resigned her commission before Luis Rozsak became Commanding Officer of the Detachment.

Service Record Edit

  • In 1918 PD, during the Verdant Vista incident, a destroyer flotilla under the command of Captain Rozsak, assisting a RMN heavy cruiser commanded by Captain Michael Oversteegen, deterred an attempted intervention by a much larger task group of the Mesan Space Navy attempting to reverse the successful slave revolt on Congo.
  • In October 1921 PD, the reinforced Maya Sector Detachment, under the command of Rear Admiral Rozsak, defeated in the Torch System the People's Navy in Exile, a group of rogue ex-State Security members secretly directed by the Mesan Alignment - see: Second Battle of Congo. (SI2)

References Edit

  1. The unknown previous commanding officer was only mentioned indirectly. Captain Rozsak was the second-ranking SLN officer in the Maya Sector in 1918 PD, before the Verdant Vista incident. His predecessor as commander of the Detachment is not known.
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  3. At least 6 units.
  4. Rozsak's superior in the Maya Sector Detachment employed her/his own staff, but members of that staff were not retained as headquarters staff after Rozsak took command of the Detachment.