Maya Sector map

The Maya Sector and surrounding area

The Maya Sector was a frontier sector and one of the most important sector provinces of the Solarian League.

History Edit

A sizable percentage of the Maya System's original colonists had come from the planet Kemal. (CS2)

When the Maya Sector was incorporated into the League, its inhabitants were able to negotiate some exceptional administrative status. The sector was well developed, but not exploited by the Office of Frontier Security to the degree that was common in other systems. (CS1, SI1)

Elaine Komandorski's identity as Georgia Sakristos was created in the Maya Sector. (HH10)

See also: Maya Crisis

Administration Edit

The Maya Sector was governed by the Sector Governor, appointed by the Office of Frontier Security, but also approved by a majority of voters. In the 1920s PD, this office was held by Oravil Barregos. Other members of the civilian administration included:

(CS1, CS2)

Armed forces Edit

(CS1, CS2)

Systems and planets in the sector Edit

References Edit

  1. According to maps, the Maya Sector did not directly border with the Solarian League. The nearest Solarian systems were Ajax, Lima and Sankar. (infodump)

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