Name: Masquerade class
Type: Arsenal ship
Affiliation: Solarian League Navy
Erewhon Navy
Date Introduced: 1921PD
Magazines: Erewhonese Mark 19 missiles

The Masquerade-class was a class of arsenal ships built by Erewhon and used by the Solarian League Navy's Maya Sector Detachment.

Class Design Edit

This class was based on the Silesian Starhauler-class freighter with a modular cargo pod system, and were built at Erewhon's Carlucci Industrial Group yards. The cargo pods could be loaded with one of two possibile loads: a "ring" of six missile pods or a ring of four.

The six-pod ring was the original design. While offering more missiles per ring, the rings were limited by being loaded with Erewhonese single-drive cruiser-class Mark 17E missiles, and had a very short lifetime after being released, so the Masquerades were unable to dump their missile pods pre-battle and retreat from the area of conflict. While not intentionally designed for single-use, the rings were built to a very light-duty standard, making them practically unsuitable for re-arming.

The improved four-pod rings, on the other hand, were loaded with Erewhonese Mark 19 capital ship MDMs, giving them a vastly superior range, and had onboard power facilities so the fragile Masquerades were not required to actually be present in the middle of the battle, thus greatly reducing the risks to which the ships were subjected. These rings were also better designed for reuse.

Masquerades carried 96 cargo pods, giving them a total of either 576 or 384 missile pods, depending on which type of ring the cargo pods were loaded with.

A ship of this class was a strictly non-combat vessel, with no armour, point defence or fire control. To counter this, "combat pods" were being designed to boost their combat abilities, but were not available as of the Battle of Torch, where the Masquerades first saw action. A "combat pod" was loaded with counter missile tubes, point defence lasers, sidewall generators, additional life support, fire control, electronic warfare systems and other additional systems. Unfortunately, even with combat pods, the Masquerade was still built on a civilian hull design, without armour, reinforced bulkheads or redundant systems, so even light damage would tear the ships apart. (CS2)

History Edit

The Masquerades were built for the Maya Sector Detachment by the Erewhonese government. The first three ships came to use in the Battle of Torch in October 1921 PD, and though they proved extremely powerful, SLNS Masqueade and SLNS Kabuki were destroyed by the People's Navy in Exile's missile fire. (CS2)

References Edit

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