Name: Mars class
Type: Heavy cruiser
Affiliation: Sign HavenArmedForces People's Republic of Haven
Date Introduced: * Mars-A - 1896 PD
* Mars-B - 1905 PD
Preceded By: Sword class
Mass: * Mars-A - 451,750 tons
* Mars-B - 477,250 tons
Length: 607 m
Beam: 73 m
Draught: 61 m
Acceleration: * Mars-A, Mars-B, Proselyte - 501 G
* 630 G[1]
Crew: * Mars-A - 1086
* Mars-B - 1193
Power: * Mars-A - 2 x Goshawk-2 Fusion Reactors
* Mars-B - 2 x Goshawk-3 Fusion Reactors
Armament: 28M, 6G, 12L, 32CM, 32PD

Mars class was the name of at least four similar heavy cruiser designs used by the People's Navy, namely Mars-A (the original Mars class), Mars-B, Mars-C and Mars-D. (JIR2, SI1, CS2)

Class DesignEdit

Meant to carry a new, more efficient compensator that it did not receive in the end, the Mars-class had a lot of excess power in its wedge. This let it tow missile pods without losing as much acceleration as other cruisers.

Compared to the Sword class, it only sported two-thirds of its telemetry capacity, had less magazine space and was twenty gravities slower. In exchange for these sacrifices, the Mars-class had superior electronic warfare capabilities and nearly twice the broadside armaments. (HH7)

There have been three production runs of this class so far. The Mars-A and Mars-B were powered by the Goshawk-3 fusion reactor, but the Mars-C carried the Goshawk-4 and the earlier built ships were steadily updated, because the Goshawk-3 had some serious design flaws: its failsafes were prone to spontaneous failure, resulting in the loss of two ships while in parking orbit and most likely even more that simply vanished while in transit. (SI1)

4 of these ships were renamed the Proselyte class and used by the Grayson Space Navy. (Companion)

Known ShipsEdit





Uncertain classEdit


  1. As of the start of the Second Havenite-Manticoran War.

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