Name: Marksman class
Type: Light cruiser
Affiliation: Solarian League Navy
Erewhon Navy
Date Introduced: 1921PD
Preceded By: Bridgeport class
Mass: 286,750 tons
Armament: 6 missile tube using the Mark 17E
Magazines: 180 Erewhonese Mark 17E missiles
5 grasers
12 counter missile tubes
8 point defense stations

The Marksman class was a class of light cruisers used exclusively by the Solarian League Navy's Maya Sector Detachment and by the Erewhon Navy.

Class Design Edit

Although officially designated as light cruisers, the ships were actually larger than most common heavy cruisers and were scaled-down derivates of Manticoran Star Knight-class units. The Marksman-class was unique among Solarian Navy light cruisers in that it had a flag bridge.

Construction Notes Edit

They were built by the Carlucci Industrial Group of Erewhon in the early 1920s PD, based on a special contract with Maya Sector Governor Oravil Barregos. Officially, Marksman-class ships belonged to the Erewhon Navy.

Class Role Edit

When initially deployed in 1921 PD, the Marksman-class were equipped as fire control ships and were intended to cooperate with Masquerade-class "arsenal ships". They had two broadside missile tubes on each side replaced with additional fire control links and enough planar arrays to allow simultaneous control of sixty missiles.

Class Historical Notes Edit

The first eight of the vessels fought in the Battle of Torch, which four of them survived. (CS2)

References Edit

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