Mark Brentworth
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Mark Brentworth
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Vice Admiral
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Mark Brentworth was a Grayson citizen and an officer of the Grayson Space Navy.

Family Edit

He was the son of Walter Brentworth, a fellow Naval officer. (HH2)

Biography Edit

In 1903 PD, Brentworth held the rank of Commander.

Brentworth was at Grayson Command Central during the First Battle of Yeltsin's Star. He also attended a meeting at the Manticoran embassy to discuss the future course of action. He believed that none of his superiors would support Captain Honor Harrington. He himself was opposed to Harrington when he first met her as the appointed naval liaison to the Royal Manticoran Navy.

After seeing Harrington slapping and lecturing Reginald Houseman, he started to see her as an officer rather a female. He was charged with attempting to persuade High Admiral Leon Garret to help Harrington and the RMN as much as possible.[1]

Brentworth was aboard HMS Fearless when the wounded Harrington was brought there from Grayson. Later, he was back at Command Central when Harrington and her senior officers came for a meeting with High Admiral Garret. At the beginning of the Battle of Blackbird, he was again assigned to Fearless as an observer and attended a meeting about assaulting Blackbird Base. He was able to be assigned a Manticoran vacuum suit with a Grayson Space Navy patch sewed on it, and took over Lieutenant Allgood's position of Damage Control Specialist on the Fearless during the Second Battle of Yeltsin's Star. (HH2)

Promoted to Captain in 1904 PD, he was put in command of the heavy cruiser GNS Jason Alvarez. He commanded the Jason Alvarez during an anti-piracy operation that scored two independent kills and four assists. (HH3, HH4)

As a Commodore, he commanded the First Battlecruiser Squadron from his flagship, GNS Raoul Courvosier. (HH5)

Promoted to Vice Admiral, he commanded the Protector's Own Second Battle Squadron with GSNS Honor Harrington as his flagship. (HH10)

Around 1920 PD, he was in command of the Blackbird Yard. (Companion)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Commander
  • Captain (1904 PD)
  • Senior Captain (1905 PD)
  • Commodore
  • Vice Admiral

Posts Edit

  • GSN Liaison Officer to the RMN
  • Commanding Officer, GNS Jason Alvarez
  • Commanding Officer, First Battlecruiser Squadron
  • Commanding Officer, Second Battle Squadron, Protector's Own Squadron
  • Commanding Officer, Blackbird Yard

References Edit

  1. Captain Harrington praised Brentworth highly at a dinner with the Protector.

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