The Marianne was a freighter/slaver owned by the Jessyk Combine of Mesa.

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In 1920 PD, the ship, commanded by Captain Duan Binyan, smuggled weapons to Kornati in the Split System and Montana in the Montana System to support the Freedom Alliance of Kornati and the Montana Independence Movement.

In the orbit of Montana the vessel, disguising itself as the freighter Golden Butterfly, was inspected by the crew of the Manticoran heavy cruiser HMS Hexapuma. Security and tactical officer Zeno Egervary panicked and fired on the pinnace Hawk-Papa-One with hidden point defense systems, killing Midshipwoman Ragnhild Pavletic and her crew. Captain Binyan instantly overwhelmed – and killed – Egervary, but Hexapuma had already opened fire, shooting Marianne into wreckage with her point defense lasers. Only fourteen of the freighter's fifty-seven crewmembers were still alive by the time Binyan surrendered and begged the Manticorans to stop firing. (SI1)

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