The "New Men" Party was one of the six main political parties of the Star Kingdom of Manticore's government.

The New Men were formed around 1900 PD and had the smallest number of votes in parliament. However, they shared good party discipline and thus could often deliver a large voting block for a given position. They were opposed to the wealthy aristocrats and financial elites of the Star Kingdom. However, unlike the Progressives and Liberals, their objection was less to the existence of traditional elites so much as the fact that they were not the ones in control. Essentially, they were political opportunists who acted as a political counterweight for the lesser nobility against the Conservative Association. Like the Conservatives, they were isolationist, but unlike them, they saw the military as just one more manifestation of the entrenched elites. (UHH)

In 1900 PD, the New Men Party were led by Sheridan Wallace and were allied with the Liberals and Progressives against naval build-up, forcing the Cromarty government into a temporary alliance with the Conservatives. Marisa Turner, Countess of New Kiev, was closely aligned with the party, in part thanks to the influence of Klaus Hauptman. (HH1)

By 1905 PD, enough members of the New Men and Progressive Party joined with the Cromarty Government to prevent the loss of the Conservative Alliance from collapsing the government in the wake of Honor Harrington's accusations against Pavel Young. However, the rest of the party switched to the opposition, eliminating the government's majority in the House of Lords. (HH4)

Between 1915 and 1919 PD, the New Men joined the High Ridge government. (HH10)