The Manticore Colony Trust of Zurich, or MCT, was an investment trust established by Roger Winton, President and CEO of Manticore Colony, LTD, sometime before 775 PD.

Its purpose was to invest all capital remaining on Earth after the launch of the colony ship Jason – just about one billion EuroDollars – and use the accrued interest to watch over the colonists' rights to the Manticore System. Winton foresaw that advances in technology over the hundreds of years to make the journey would be needed, both to safeguard the system and to help the initial colonization efforts. When Manticore was founded, the trust had six hundred years of interest. (HH1)

The trust proved to be a wise precaution, for when the Jason arrived in the Manticore System in 1416 PD, a modest settlement had already been built on the planet Manticore, staffed by MCT personnel who also manned four Earth-built frigates protecting the system against claim-jumpers. Manticore found itself with a very favorable bank balance, while the frigates became the first units of the Manticore System Navy, which in 1485 PD was transformed into the Royal Manticoran Navy. (UHH, Companion)

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