GNS Terrible port view 01
Name: Manticore's Gift class
Type: Superdreadnought
Affiliation: Protectorate of Grayson
Date Introduced: 1905 PD
Mass: ~8,000,000 tons
Length: 1,350 m
Beam: 196 m
Draught: 550 m
Acceleration: 503 G
Crew: 4027
— 402 Officers
— 3625 Enlisted
973 Marines
— 40 Officers
— 933 Enlisted
Electronics: AR-7(b) search radar

The Manticore's Gift class[1] were eleven Havenite DuQuesne-class superdreadnoughts captured at the Third Battle of Yeltsin's Star and handed over to the Grayson Space Navy.

The DuQuesne class ships used by Manticore were sold to the Grayson Space Navy after the ceasefire. ("House of Steel")

Technical specificationsEdit

Propulsion Edit

Armament Edit

  • 100x Launcher PN SD-Mod (40)[2]
    • GSN/RMN Mk27 DN/SD-grade series missiles
  • 40x 400cm Laser (20)
  • 8x 450cm Laser (0)
  • 40x 450cm Graser (20)
  • 10x 500cm Graser (0)
  • 120x Launcher PN CML (40)
    • GSN/RMN Mk5 Countermissile Cannisters
      • GSN Mk2 Countermissiles (RMN Standard Countermissiles)
  • 160x PD Laser Cluster (60)

Refit Edit

  • Replaced missile and countermissile load, but retained original PN launchers[3]
  • Upgraded Inertial Compensators
  • Upgraded ECM and CIC
  • Reduced crew but increased Marine Corps numbers

Known Ships Edit

References Edit

  1. These were not true repeat class ships due to rebuilding, repairs and refits due to battledamage on individual ships.
  2. number in parenthesis () is per broadside, remainder are divided between fore/aft chase mounts
  3. fire rate was 20 seconds, or slightly slower than other Manticoran and newly built Grayson ships

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