The Manticoran dollar was the standard currency of the Star Kingdom and Star Empire of Manticore.


In the mid-19th Century PD, the patents for Palin, Holder, and Mitchell, Ltd.'s advanced composites and advanced anti-energy weapon armor were sold to the Royal Manticoran Navy for over 7 billion dollars. (Companion)

Black market prices for Kodiak Maximus pelts could easily be in the millions. A shipment seized in the Basilisk System aboard RMMS Mondragon was valued at 43 million. (HH1)

An early 20th Century PD dreadnought was valued at around 32 billion dollars. (HH4)

Around 1906 PD, the exchange rate between the Manticoran dollar and the Grayson austin was around 1:1.3, as a 10 million Grayson austin investment requirement could be met by 7.5 million Manticoran dollars. (HH4)

Honor Harrington earned 92,400,000 Manticoran dollars in prize money from the First Battle of Hancock. (HH4)

Eleven DuQuesne-class superdreadnoughts were valued at 13.2 billion dollars in prize money after the Third Battle of Yeltsin's Star. (HH5)

After the fall of the High Ridge government, Elaine Descroix transferred 20 million Manticoran dollars to the Stotterman System. (HH10)

Fifteen to twenty million Manticoran dollars corresponded rougly to sixty to seventy million Solarian credits used in the Loomis System. (SI4)

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