The Manticoran Peerage was a system of titles of nobility in the Star Kingdom of Manticore. The term was used to refer both collectively to the entire body of titles, and individually to a specific title. The holder of such a title was referred to as a peer of the realm, or simply a peer.

The system of peerage was created by the original settlers of the planet Manticore after the Great Plague of the late 15th Century PD. With the colony floundering, Manticore desperately needed new blood, but the original colonists feared to lose control over their own colony if thousands of new colonists came; so, before opening Manticore to immigration, they rewrote the constitution, establishing a constitutional monarchy. (UHH, HOS)

The original colonists, who were owners of large estates all over the planet, acquired noble titles and became the hereditary aristocracy of the new Star Kingdom of Manticore. During the mid-16th Century PD, there were fifty members of the Peerage, descended from the fifty original investors in the Manticore colony (fifty-one, counting the House of Winton/the Royal Family). (MA1)

The Royal Black Book contained an official listing of the Manticoran nobility, while peer families were described in detail in Clarke's Peerage. (SI2)

Known PeeragesEdit





Peerages of unknown rankEdit


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