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The Manticoran Patrol and Rescue Service, or MPARS, was an organization responsible for patroling the Manticore System in the early days of the Star Kingdom of Manticore.

A number of politicians in the first half of the 16th Century PD were in favor of dissolving the Royal Manticoran Navy entirely, confident that MPARS would be able to handle all neccessary security services. (MA1)

Units and personnelEdit

  • 1532 PD - an experimental sloop HMS Phobos was lost with all hands during her maiden voyage (130 crew); over three hundred officers and enlisted from the RMN earlier were detached to the Phobos project;
  • 1539 PD - 6 patrol-and-repair ships (converted ore and mining craft)
  • 1543 PD - 2 ex-RMN corvettes took part in the battle with the invading Volsung Mercenaries; naval personnel was drained from the RMN again to operate corvettes' weapons. (MA2)

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