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Majestic Class DN 01
Name: Majestic class
Type: Dreadnought
Affiliation: RMN logo small boxcolored Star Kingdom of Manticore
Date Introduced: 1888 PD
Preceded By: Gladiator class
Succeeded By: Bellerophon class
Mass: 6,750,500 tons
Length: 1,278 m
Beam: 185 m
Draught: 173 m
Acceleration: 422.5 G
Crew: 3561
– 297 Officers
– 2669 Enlisted
– 595 Marines
Power: 5 Isler GM-6R Fusion Reactors
Electronics: AN/SPG-28 gravitic detection array

AN/SR-11d phased radar array
AN/SL-13 lidar array
AN/CAT-12(126) fire control system
AN/CDT-14(84) Defensive Fire Control
AN/ELQ-128 ECM System

Armament: 72 Mod 8a missile launchers

36 Mk10 295 cm lasers
12 Mk65 315 cm lasers
40 Mk91 360 cm capital ship grasers
8 Mk52 410 cm capital ship grasers
12 Mk6 energy torpedo projectors
Barnett-Chung Mod2 grav lance
64 Mod 5b countermissile launchers
64 Mk24(8) point defense lasers

Magazines: 8640 Mk19 anti-Ship missiles

92160 Mk21 countermissiles
20 Mk40 electronic warfare drones

Auxiliary Craft: 4 Mk28 Condor-class pinnaces

2 Mk26 Skyhawk-class pinnaces
1 Mk9 Albatross-class shuttles
6 C3 Dakota-class cutters

The Majestic class was a class of dreadnoughts used by the Royal Manticoran Navy in the First Havenite-Manticoran War.

Origins and design notes Edit

The first units of this class were built in 1888 PD, with an estimated service time of 90 T-years.

The design of the Majestic class was a product of the fiscal crisis in the mid-1880s PD. It was basically a re-design of the older Gladiator-class dreadnought with heavy beam armament being replaced by a missile armament in favor of heavier missile throws. This was intended as a cost saving measure, although the class's significantly larger magazines made the savings mostly illusionary. In addition, the design modification introduced structural weaknesses that made the class relatively fragile. This resulted in the class being decommissioned earlier than the Gladiator-class, despite the increased missile throw weight. (Companion)

History Edit

By 1905 PD, this class was being phased out in favor of newer Bellerophon-class units. (JIR1)

Known vessels Edit

References Edit

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