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Maitland Askew
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Maitland "Matt" Askew was a Solarian citizen and an officer of the Solarian League Navy's Frontier Fleet.

Physical appearance Edit

Askew was wiry build, though slightly below average height, with sandy-brown hair and brown eyes. (SI2)

Biography Edit

Askew was born in 1893 PD[1], and joined the Solarian League Navy at a young age. He was given an officers commission and, since 1919 PD, served as SLNS Jean Bart's Assistant Tactical Officer with the rank of Lieutenant.

At Captain Mizawa's request, Askew wrote a paper called A Preliminary Appreciation of Potential Technology Advances of the Royal Manticoran Navy[2], which somehow found its way into the hands of Captain Ingeborg Aberu, Task Group 3021's staff operations officer. She was not impressed by the paper, and characterized Askew as alarmist, credulous, ignorant, incompetent, and "obviously not to be trusted with any significant independent analysis."

After he further investigated matters he was not supposed to according to Admiral Byng and Captain Aberu, he was removed from his post and transferred to a new assignment as Admiral Sigbee's assistant public information officer aboard SLNS Restitution. In a case of bitter irony, this "punishment" transfer saved his life, as Jean Bart was destroyed in the Second Battle of New Tuscany not long after he left. (SI2)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Lieutenant

Posts Edit

  • Assistant Tactical Officer, SLNS Jean Bart
  • Assistant Public Information Oficer, Battlecruiser Squadron 112 staff

References Edit

  1. He was 28 T-years old in 1921 PD.
  2. In it, Askew argued that the SLN might be seriously underestimating the RMN's capabilities.

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