Magruder Steading was a Grayson steading, or feudal province.

Sometime before the 20th Century PD, rule over Magruder Steading passed from the Magruder family to the Kellerman family. For centuries, the Steadholders of Magruder were allies with the Mayhew family. In 1921 PD, the ruling Steadholder Magruder was Floyd Kellerman, who also served as Chancellor of the Protectorate. (HH12)

Steadings of Grayson
The original Five Steadings: Bancroft | Burdette | Mackenzie | Mayhew | Yanakov
The later Steadings: Ames | Berylinko | Canseco | Coleman | Denby | Denevski | Elway | Esterhaus | Forchein | Garth | Harrington | Howell | Kelly | Kimbrell | Magruder | Michaelson | Mueller | Oswald | Owens | Prestwick | Redmon | Seneca | Simonds | Strathson | Surtees | Sutherland | Watson

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