The Madras Sector Detachment was a local unit of the Solarian League Navy's Frontier Fleet.

Around 1921-1922 PD, it was commanded by Commodore Francis Thurgood. In August 1922 PD the main force of the detachment surrended in the Meyers System to the Manticoran Tenth Fleet.

In 1922 PD capital Meyers System was the only star system in the Madras Sector, picketed by the Solarian League Navy[1].

Staff Edit

Strength Edit

  • In October 1921 PD it was estimated as a destroyer squadron supported by one or two light cruiser divisions.[2] (SI2)
  • In August 1922 PD it included an understrength battlecruiser squadron with screen. (HH14)

Known units Edit

References Edit

  1. Detachment present in the Loomis System in 1922 PD (SLNS Hoplite (BC), SLNS Yenta MacIlvenna (CL), SLNS Abatis (DD) and SLNS Lunette (DD)) as well as a destroyer element present in the Saltash System (3 units, including SLNS Avenger, Captain Myau Ping-wa commanding both) didn't belong to the Madras Sector Detachment.
  2. According to a New Tuscan intelligence estimation.
  3. And scuttled there.

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