Madeleine Sorbanne
Female military
Full Name
Dame Madeleine Sorbanne
Female   Female

Dame Madeleine Sorbanne was a Manticoran citizen and an officer of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

Physical appearance Edit

Sorbanne was of petite stature and had short, white-stranded mahogany-red hair. (HH7)

Biography Edit

Holding the rank of Vice Admiral of the Red, she was the senior officer of Clairmont Station. In 1911 PD, she met with Commander Jessica Dorcett, who informed her of the Manticoran Alliance's near-total defeat in the Second Battle of Adler.

Some time later, she met with Captain Thomas Greentree of the Grayson Space Navy to inform him of the presumed loss of HMS Prince Adrian and her crew. During that conversation, she did her best to assure the Captain that the loss of Steadholder Honor Harrington was not his fault. (HH7)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Vice Admiral

Posts Edit

  • Commanding Officer, Clairmont Station

References Edit

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