M32 Pulse Rifle

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M32A1 Pulse Rifle

The M32A1 with ammo and grenade launcher modification displayed

The M32A1/A5 Pulse Rifle was the standard shoulder arm for the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps around 1905 PD.

It was used in landing and ground operations while the M19 Pulse Carabine was the preferred weapon for shipboard use. (JIR1)

Technical Specifications Edit

Cartridge: 4x37 mm pulser darts

Energy Source: M13 power cell

Rate of fire: up to 2500 RPM

Default Rate of Fire : 400 RPM

Muzzle velocity: 2200 m/s

Effective range: 3000 m

Magazine Capacity: 100 rounds (2 magazine wells each)

Variants Edit

The M56 was a grenade launcher variant largely identical in all other respects. (JIR1)

References Edit

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