The Lynx Terminus was the entry and exit point of the Manticore Wormhole Junction in the Talbott Cluster, located five and a half light-hours from MQ-L-1792-46A, a planetless M8 red dwarf, and about four light-years from the Lynx System.

It was discovered and surveyed by the Royal Manticoran Astrophysics Investigation Agency in early 1917 PD. (HH10, Companion)

In 1920 PD, the Lynx Terminus picket (part of Task Force Talbott) consisted of two modern destroyers and one obsolete light cruiser. A dozen forts were under construction to guard the terminus itself, as well as dozens of platforms to serve as the Manticore Astro-Control Service's Lynx detachment. There was no planet in the system to accommodate any support base, so the platforms were all placed near the terminus. (SI1)

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