Sir Lyman Carmichael was a Manticoran citizen and diplomat.

In 1921, he served as the Star Empire of Manticore's ambassador to the Solarian League. In this capacity, he delivered the Star Empire's official protest note concerning the destruction of three Manticoran destroyers by ships of the Solarian League Navy in the New Tuscany System. (SI2)

In the following year, he delivered the notes informing the League government of the closing of all Manticoran wormhole termini to Solarian shipping. After news of the League Navy's crushing defeat in the Second Battle of Manticore reached Old Earth, he retreated to the Beowulfan delegation's quarters in order to be safe from the protests in the streets of Chicago. (HH13)

Preceded by
James Webster
Manticoran Ambassador
to the Solarian League
( 1921 — )
Succeeded by

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