Luna (pre-colonization)

Luna, also called simply the Moon, was Earth's sole natural satellite.

History Edit

As the largest-appearing celestial body visible from Earth's surface, Luna played an important role in just about every culture on the planet. Humans eventually managed to set foot on its surface in 1969 CE, within the first decades of the Space Age.

Luna was colonized by humans in the first half of the 21st Century CE. Tensions between the colonists and the governments back on the homeworld eventually led to the outbreak of the Lunar Revolt in 2064 CE, or 38 Ante Diaspora. (HH8)

By the 3rd Century PD, Luna was firmly under the control of the Earth Union. Its inhabitants, commonly called "Loonies", were among the wealthiest "Upsiders" (non-Earth citizens) within the Union. (HHA6.1: BTB)

Some of the genetically engineered bio weapons used during Earth's Final War got through the "firewalls" between the planet and its moon, and affected the Lunar population as well. (CS3)

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