The title of this article is a conjecture. Though the topic is found within the Honorverse, no official name is given.

Lovat System Defense Command was the local defense fleet responsible for the security of the Lovat System.


1914-1915 PD Edit

The Lovat System was always well fortified. In 1914 PD, the system bristled with defenses almost as tough as those protecting the capital system itself, including fortresses, minefields, old-style LACs and missile pods. The local defense fleet contained several squadrons of the wall. (HH9)

1921 PD Edit

More than 8,000 LACs were based on Forge and the system's orbital platforms. A permanent covering force of three battle squadrons with twenty-four superdreadnoughts was assigned, and the system was covered with system defense missile pods controlled by Moriarty system.[1] The Lovat System Defense was destroyed in 1921 PD during the Battle of Lovat. (HH11)

References Edit

  1. Three platforms.

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